September 22, 2022

Want to save $1000’s of Dollars? Talk to us before you go to the Semi-Truck’s Dealership or Mechanic

Dealerships or Mechanic shops, be it Freightliner, Volvo, Peterbilt, International, Kenworth or other Mechanic Shops, they only exist to make money and there’s no better way to make money other than voiding warranties for brand new equipment.

Earlier it used to be Non-OEM fancy lighting, sound systems or other convenient solutions truckers had in their trucks for their pleasure, now the Biggest Culprit in North America has become the ELD/Elogs or Electronic Logging devices. Now that they are mandatory- Motor carriers are enforced to install these in their equipment and they can’t really do anything about it.

But When you face problems with your equipment, What do the Manufacturers or Mechanics say?
Here’s what they say-
“We see you have a NON-OEM Foreign Device (ELD) in your truck and even though it’s mandatory by the federal Government also, installed as per the Original Equipment Manufacturers guidelines. The issue is related to the ELD device.”
So what can I do if I face problems on my equipment that has an ELD/Elog device on it?

As long as the issue is related to the DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) simply put the check engine light a simple rule to follow is to first contact your ELD provider. Hutch Support is available 24*7 and can resolve about 85-90% of the issues remotely simply because we can diagnose the Engine Fault codes and problems that are related to the ECM or electronics of the Truck. Hutch Products exceed the OEM specifications and are fully maintained in-house to keep your vehicle on the road making you constant money.

We have saved our clients over $130,000 and counting in the past 6 months by simply helping them resolve their Engine control module related issues remotely at no additional costs.

Get the Remote Engine trouble fix service with Hutch at no additional costs and save where it should matter most.