February 14, 2022

Tips to avoid accidents on the road

Trucking is one of those high-risk industries causing traffic fatalities and truck accidents due to its size, high speed and cargo they are hau

Trucking is one of those high-risk industries causing traffic fatalities and truck accidents due to its size, high speed and cargo they are hauling.  Drivers need to pay constant attention to their vehicle as even one second of distracted truck driving may pose a serious risk to not only drivers but also to other people on the road.
Some of the common causes of accidents determined by safety administration are:

  • Speeding: One of the major causes of a truck crash is driving above the speed limit. Speeding is done by the driver usually to meet the deadlines within the stipulated time duration.
  • Fatigue: Another main reason behind road accidents is driver fatigue as they tend to exceed their driving hours to make maximum deliveries.
  • Distracted driving: Distracted driving is another big concern behind fatalities caused when a driver is driving taking phone calls, chatting behind the wheel, eating etc.
  • Intoxicated drivers: Drugged driving is highly unsafe and put driver and others on road at serious risk.

How "Hutch" will help you to avoid truck crashes?

Are you involved in the trucking business? Need some careful tips to avoid accidents? Don't worry! Hutch is here to assist you. Below listed are some of the features of Hutch ELD that helps in safe driving operations.

  • Hutch Fleet Management System helps to monitor internal driving behavior like hard braking, sharp cornering and rapid acceleration.
  • Don’t forget to inspect your truck while starting a trip. Make sure to inspect brakes, mirrors, tires, fluid levels etc. For this, we provide electronic DVIR having vehicle inspection checklist that reminds drivers about pre and post-trip inspection requirements
  • Always get adequate sleep before driving. If tired, take a rest and then return to the vehicle. Hutch ELD will take care of total driving hours as well as miles driven by the driver and trigger alert when the driver is exceeding the driving time limit.
  • Another risk management strategy is to perform Drug and Alcohol testing in order to screen driver for drug use.

Other preventative measures that increases driving quality and promote safe driving habits

  • Anything that distracts the driver's mind, takes driver hands and eyes off the wheel may result in a collision. Employers should promote safe driving habits by making driver schedules for rest, necessary communication, map reading and eating meals. Seatbelt usage is another preventable technique to decrease the injury caused during an accident.
  • Always drive to the right except while passing another vehicle on a highway. Make sure to check wing mirrors as well as rearview repeatedly to maintain a constant speed. If there is dense fog headlights should be "on" for the maximum visibility.
  • To drive in winters, winter tires should be installed in trucks to keep higher traction as compared to normal tires. Before starting a journey, the driver should clear both windshield and truck lights.

  • Medication that may result in drowsiness should be avoided before getting behind the wheel. Maintain a balanced diet plan; never skip meals as unhealthy habits lead to the driver falling asleep.
  • Change in weather is unpredictable so always be cautious about temperature updates especially in rain, snow and ice. Make use of blinker while crossing lanes or taking a turn in such weather.

  • Never make an abrupt stop in front of a vehicle. Take care of the speed limit to stay safe on a road. The best part of "Hutch" is that the system will generate a prompt alert if a driver is speeding.
  • Driver should check the load on frequent time intervals to prevent it from loosening, releasing and opening when the truck is in transit. Click here cargo securement to learn more about cargo securement.
  • The driver should have a clear roadmap of deliveries to be made at new destinations. Therefore, planning a route helps to know about entry, exit and underpasses so that your vehicle doesn’t get stuck in a place where it can’t fit.

Follow these tips to avoid getting into an accident and possibly create a safe driving culture and save countless lives of people around you.

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