January 7, 2022

How can you stay on top of fleet compliance?

Ensuring assets and staff in the field are safe and compliant with DOT regulations can be challenging, but we make it simple by providing you t

Ensuring assets and staff in the field are safe and compliant with DOT regulations can be challenging, but we make it simple by providing you tools required to build a safer fleet. By improving regulatory compliance requirements, you will be able to decrease liability and also cut down the cost of insurance claims.

Safety and compliance in fleet operations

Fleet compliance is the only driving force behind running safe operational practices as it prevents unscheduled downtime. Ensuring fleet compliance is a continuous process due to its ever-changing business needs raised or introduced by FMCSA.  All you need to do is execute a comprehensive approach covering different fleet management aspects that need to be met. The concerned areas of compliance are:

  • Driver training and scorecard
  • Risk management and safety programs
  • Vehicle maintenance and repair
  • Vehicle licensing, registration and permitting

Measures to promote driver safety

Before a driver is assigned safety-sensitive operations, the employer should consider the following checklist:

  • The safety of a driver should be the top business priority. Hutch Fleet Management System has the potential to detect distracted driving behavior, thereby decreases liability concerns or costly accidents.
  • Driving hours is another key area to be concerned about. Make sure your drivers are operating safely i.e. not driving too long without taking a break. For this, “Hutch ELD” will log hours automatically by checking when the engine starts and stops. In case, a driver exceeds the daily driving hour limit, the system will trigger an alert.
  • The driver operating a commercial vehicle should be properly trained and a proper license is to be issued to the driver regarding the type of vehicle they operate.
  • Our system offers better risk management as all the essential records is saved in a central repository such as records of the pre-employment drug test of all drivers should be retained.

Measures to promote vehicle safety

Vehicle safety is fundamental for any fleet business. Hutch helps you to increase vehicle uptime by providing you the following features:

  • Hutch Fleet Management System helps you to maintain operationally safe vehicles. A mobile application is built for drivers to perform vehicle checks before starting a trip, in midst of trip and while ending a trip.
  • In case of any defect found, the driver can report an issue in real-time and mark if a vehicle is safe to be on-road or not.
  • Vehicle maintenance history report for every unit is retained by the system that gives a detailed description of every defect and repair being made.

Develop a strict preventative maintenance program

By using “Hutch Fleet Management System”, you will receive notifications about:

  • Maintenance due and upcoming  maintenance services
  • Monitor preventative maintenance activities and generate proactive alerts indicating vehicle maintenance needs.

Deploy “Hutch ELD” solution in your business and gain complete visibility required to manage the workforce while adhering to compliance requirements.

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