February 13, 2022

Derive fundamental information through Fleet Management Reports

Gain a bird eye view of your fleet health through the “Hutch Report System” that provides top-level insight into actionable data. You can measu

Gain a bird eye view of your fleet health through the “Hutch Report System” that provides top-level insight into actionable data. You can measure success by determining key performance indicators as well as opportunities for cost reductions.

Get a crystal clear summary of all fleet-related activities

You can simply check which operation has been performed and what can be done for improving vehicle and driver performance. Hutch will provide you all sorts of reports you need on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis. Below given are some of the reports that “Hutch” provides as per your company requirements:

  • StateWise Distance Reports
  1. This report provides a distance summary of a vehicle in a chosen state.
  • Excel Reports
  1. Daily on Duty Reports- It provides information about on-duty hours of a chosen driver for a given period.
  2. Users & Drivers Reports- It shows the list of all drivers and user accounts for the selected period.
  3. Vehicles Reports- It displays the vehicle activity for the selected interval.
  4. Vehicle Maintenance Report- It shows a list of maintenance activities performed on a selected vehicle.
  5. DTC Report- It provides diagnostic information for a particular vehicle in a selected time interval
  • Schedule Report
  1. Idling Report- This report shows idling instances of vehicle i.e. when and how long the vehicle remains idle.
  2. Stop Report- It gives a list of vehicle stop instances over a chosen date range.
  3. Speeding Report- It displays all the speed limit violations triggered by the vehicle.
  • Tracking Report
  1. Geo-Fencing Report- This report gives information when a vehicle enters and leaves the fenced region.
  2. Driving Report- This report shows complete hours of driving for a particular driver.
  3. Detailed Trip(s) Report- The complete detail of a trip i.e. origin, destination, total distance, idling, etc will be shown in this report.
  4. Distance Report- This report shows the total distance traveled by a selected unit in a given time slot.
  5. Driving & Stop History Report- This report provides detail about total driving hours, stops made and reflects stop duration. It helps to know about time spent at every stop and shows if there are any unauthorized stops made by the driver.
  • Vehicle Performance Report
  1. Fuel Used Report- This report helps to track total fuel consumption to achieve fuel efficiency. The detailed record of fuel used for every day is shown to the user.
  2. Engine Hours Report- This report shows detailed engine hours for the selected unit in a given time interval.
  3. Fuel Economy Report- Determine fuel efficiency by analyzing total fuel used for the distance traveled.
  4. Idle Cost Detail Report- This report lists the idle time of a vehicle and its associated cost to determine its productivity.  

This data is unique for every vehicle operating in your fleet and is a valuable indicator to compare performance within a fleet.

How “Hutch Report System" empowers your business productivity?

Efficient fleet management journey begins with a better measurement as more you will focus on your fleet activities, the more is ROI. So, your ability to make decisions gets improved through our reporting system giving results as per required settings and configuration.

Organization goals can be aligned in a better way by having a comprehensive view of all internal functions. Since a report can be generated on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, this is all the way useful for you to make comparisons as if things don’t match you can dive deeper into the issue.

Are you ready to perceive the benefits of “Reporting System”? Hutch makes this simple as a single press of a button. Feel free to contact us in case of any queries. Reach us at sales@hutchsystems.com or simply call us at 604-776-3564.